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Quest Creator 2.43.29

Quest Creator Editor's Review

Quest Creator comes as a simple to use rpg's game editor for all ages. Despite the fact that it is based on a very old graphic style, similar to "Legend of Zelda" collection, the software is quite appreciated by old gamers who know what an Atari 2600 is. The gamers who have already played one of the products from Dataware, such as Winged Warrior I, Winged Warrior II, Winged Warrior III, will become very fast familiar with the style of this product.

At a first glance the application looks really nice and the most important thing is that is very easy to use. You can choose either to create a new party by your own or to choose from the characters already created. My advice is that in the beginning you should try to play the levels created by the producer. In this way you will realize what options can this editor deliver to you. The levels are created in a medieval age atmosphere with all the classic characters of fantasy books like: slimes, orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls, skeletons, zombies, dragons, etc.

Along with the party you can create also the quest based on a story written by you. You can choose the goals of the mission, the enemies that you have to fight, and weapons and scrolls that you can find or buy along the way. Before you start editing anything on your quest, you have to choose the environment where the action takes place. From dense woods to fields and castles. The enemies, goals, items, can be placed with the mouse anywhere on the map. This way of editing is very similar to HEROES of Might and Magic series editor. More similarities to this series can be also the gameplay based on turns. By clicking a character from your party a new menu appears with every action this character can do. From moving, to attack, take, stay, etc. The moving area of every character is limited and this thing will influence a lot the gameplay. Every character moves from square to square, meaning that a character can move only North, South, Eat, West from its origin. At the end of every character movement, comes the turn of the enemy.
As a conclusion, an enemy can attack or can be attacked only from this four points. If the producer would have used hexagons instead of squares in the movement of a character, the possibility of attack would have increased and influenced the game in a good way.

Pluses: easy to use; some quests already created by the producer; lots of enemies to create; uses simple rpg rules;

Drawbacks / flaws: the use of squares despite hexagons; the missions are not linked together (you have to load everytime your party before a new mission);

In conclusion: In order to increase the time, a user is spending on a product, Dataware created a game in an editor, not a map editor in a game as in general all the games producers do.

version reviewed: 2.40

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